On-Screen Marking System

Simple, scalable, and faster method of assessing student’s theory answer papers


Evaluation Process

Inward Process


  • First page of answer paper booklet is masked automatically

  • Daily SMS reminders are sent to evaluators

  • Controller of Examination (COE) can monitor status in real time

  • Marking schemes can be created from web UI

  • Evaluator access can be restricted by IPs


  • Over 45 million images scanned per semester

  • Thousands of evaluators are using our system at various universities

  • Book scanning instead of cut scanning to preserve integrity of answer paper booklets

  • Terabytes of data stored online, served within seconds

Problems with traditional methods

  • Masking of answer papers has to be done manually

  • Counting and other human errors during evaluation are unavoidable

  • No way to track overall status of evaluation in real-time

  • No way to assess evaluator performance (time taken etc.)

  • Evaluation is possible only during regular working hours (no exceptions)

  • Data for evaluator remunerations needs to be compiled manually

Evaluation Cycle