Result Redressal System

Quick delivery of answer paper photocopies to students through an online system

Problems with traditional methods

  • Offline photocopy application process takes time and is error prone

  • Middle-entities involved (colleges, admins etc) in delivery process

  • Payment reconciliation is a big problem

  • Same process has to be repeated in sequence for revaluation and recounting taking even more time

  • Universities are unable to complete redressal process before start of next exams

  • If process is not completed on time, students are forced to repeat exam in next semester


Redressal Process


  • We have delivered photocopies (PDF) instantly when our customers have integrated with our On-screen Marking System

  • When deployed as a stand alone system (without OSM), we have been able to deliver photocopies within a couple of days

  • Payment gateway transfers fees directly to university bank account

  • Colleges are not involved in the process


  • Date restrictions on result selection for redressal

  • Result selection order can be enforced (e.g. revaluation is allowed only after photocopy is processed)

  • Daily report of new redressal applications

  • Student email and mobile number are verified by system